MORDAX Follow Along Workout

MORDAX Follow Along Workout

MORDAX Follow Along Workout

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Follow-Along Workout

This is the follow-along kettlebell workout. Working out is as easy as pressing play, counting down for 60 seconds, and following along to the workout. It’s always recommended to check out the related technique, common mistakes, prep work, and alternatives and progressions videos before commending the workout. Doing so, allows you to avoid and correct mistakes, know exactly what to do, be efficient, and stay safe.

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This video is part of our kettlebell workout library which has hundreds of workouts. Access to the library and coaching is included with the premium membership on this website or the Caveman Inner Circle membership on our parent website. Our private community comes with the ability to ask questions about workouts, exercises, progressions, and even get professional coaching feedback on your form and technique

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