This is an awesome strength workout with cardio and flexibility. The full body is worked with all the exercises, from back to front, and from lower to upper body. This is a great workout for those days you have programmed as heavy work. Kettlebell Single heavy kettlebell work. Complexity Easy to moderate. Intensity Task 1:

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This is an awesome strength workout with cardio, one that will leave you red-faced and swimming in a pool of sweat. The first task is intense when you pick your weight right and keep your pace going, then you get to recover for 4 minutes with some rest and active recovery. The final task is

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This session starts with a short bodyweight warm-up after which we performed some prep work. You can then head straight into the workout or take a little breather first. The workout builds up with a light full-body cardio task, followed by some flexibility work, and then the two main tasks which focus on cardio, strength,

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This kettlebell workout has 7 tasks. Several of the tasks are to repeat an awesome kettlebell combo for a certain amount of time and as many reps as possible. The work is split with tasks that work the core. An awesome workout to have a go at. The combo is to bring the kettlebell from


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