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Follow-Along WorkoutsXXYesYesYes
Workout libraryXXXYesYes
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Encyclopedia Content

The encyclopedia consists of all kettlebell exercises of which the content consists of:

  • Videos
    • Technique
    • Common mistakes
    • Progressions
    • Other related videos
  • Technique
  • Common mistakes
  • Exercise information
    • Muscles used
    • Variations
    • And more

Users without a subscription will be able to access the content but with limitations.


The tools that can be used:

  • Setting goals
  • Keeping track of:
    • Progress
    • Scoring
    • Abilities
    • Calories burned
  • Self-assessments and progress
  • Whiteboard for focus exercises
  • Saving online bookmarks

Common Mistakes

A limited number of common mistakes for certain exercises will be accessible to unregistered users. Registered users will be able to see more of them, and paying members will be able to access common mistakes.


A limited amount of exercise technique information for certain exercises will be accessible to unregistered users. Registered users will be able to see more information, and paying members will able to access all the information

Exclusive and Private Inner Circle

The Inner Circle has been running for over 5 years and is a private Facebook group in which our members interact, receive coaching, post their videos, get a new workout each week, and have access to the full 250+ workout library.

Weekly Follow-Along Workouts

A weekly full-length follow-along kettlebell workout will be released to you in the inner circle and includes other videos like common mistakes, alternatives and progressions, programming, follow-along warm-up, and more. The longer you’re a member the more workouts you will have access to.

Workout Library

The library gives full access to all available kettlebell workouts in one go rather than having to wait for a new one each week. You also get immediate access as new workouts are added to the library.


As you have access to all kettlebell exercises in the encyclopedia and the world’s best kettlebell workouts you want to make sure that you’re doing things right. the top-notch coaching that’s included will give you the opportunity to submit your videos for feedback and you will also be able to ask questions.


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