Kettlebell 1RM (one rep max) Calculator

This online kettlebell rep calculator allows you to calculate your 1 rep max if you don’t know it. For example, you might not have heavier weight available but you know that with the heaviest weight you have, you can perform 3, 5, or x reps. Put that value in the box and click calculate.

A real-world example: Joe’s heaviest kettlebell is 56 lbs and he can complete 4 reps max with that. To find out what his 1RM would be, he would select 4RM from the dropdown and enter 56 in the text field, click calculate and have all values from 1RM to 12RM calculated.

The max reps that you’re able to perform with your heaviest weight is:

Your max weight is:

1 Repetition Max Calculation
Rep Max Percentage Weight Unit
1RM 100 0 lbs
2RM 95 0 lbs
3RM 93 0 lbs
4RM 90 0 lbs
5RM 87 0 lbs
6RM 85 0 lbs
7RM 83 0 lbs
8RM 80 0 lbs
9RM 77 0 lbs
10RM 75 0 lbs
11RM 70 0 lbs
12RM 67 0 lbs
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