Member Tools

As a registered user of the website, you will get access to the member tools which are:

My Goals

This is the most important part of your tools, this is where you keep track of the goals that you set. For example, you might want to work on progressing with your one rep max for the strict press, or whatever other exercise there is on our website.

My Progress

This is where you keep track of the progress you make to reach your goals. For example, once you’ve set your goal of strict pressing 32kg two months from now, then this is where you keep track of the progress you make toward that goal.

My Bookmarks

This is where you bookmark and categorize the exercises from our website in any matter that makes sense to you.

My Notes

This is where you leave notes on any of the exercises listed on our website. It could be a note of a particular weakness, a variation you want to try out, or anything else that you need to keep track of for a particular exercise.

My Abilities

This is where you keep track of your abilities. What exercises can you do and how well can you do them? Not only is this great for you to keep track of the exercises that you have in your arsenal but you can also choose to flaunt your experience to others in the members’ directory.

My Progressional Exercises

This is where you keep track of an exercise progression. You might have just started with kettlebell training but you know that you want to progress to the snatch. You add it to your professional exercises and step-by-step work your way up the progressional path set out for you.

My Focus Exercises

This is like a whiteboard where you chalk things up and play around with exercises that you want to focus on for a bit or a long time, it’s up to you! It’s your whiteboard.


Some of the tools will be limited to a certain number of records in data storage for registered users. When you decide to become a member of the website you will have full access to all the tools.

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