Unilateral Exercise

Kettlebell Assisted Dead Clean Drill

Kettlebell Assisted Hang Clean

The kettlebell assisted hang clean is performed with a squat movement and assistance of the other arm. It’s a great alternative for the assisted dead clean when flexibility is lacking.

Kettlebell Assisted Dead Clean Drill

Kettlebell Assisted Dead Clean

This is the next step in the clean progression of kettlebell cleaning. Prior to this is the kettlebell assisted dead clean drill or assisted hang clean. This whole progression is explained in our online course. With this clean variation speed is added, whereas the drill is all about learning the important aspects of the clean …

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Kettlebell Hang Switch

The kettlebell hang switch is a transition from one side to the other and a squat movement with a hang is used to perform that transition. The kettlebell is dropped from racking into a hang, pulled up, and then passed to the other hand where it is most commonly cleaned up with a hang clean.

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