Bilateral Load

Kettlebell Full Snatch

The kettlebell full snatch is a variation of the snatch where the kettlebell is snatched overhead and then dropped from overhead back to where the kettlebell started. A dead snatch can be a full or half snatch, and a pendulum snatch or Hardstyle snatch can be a full or half snatch, in other words, the …

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Kettlebell Sots Press Cover

Kettlebell Sots Press

The kettlebell Sots press can be performed while holding on to a kb, making it easier to stabilize, and can also be performed with thoracic rotation, making it easier on the shoulders.

Kettlebell Seesaw Press Cover

Kettlebell Seesaw Press

The ROM on the down and up phase of the movement can vary. The objective is to keep both upper arms in line with each other, and as one moves up, the other moves down.

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