Kettlebell Tools

On our website, you will have access to online tools that will help improve your kettlebell training and any physical training for that matter.

Find Kettlebell Exercises

Search our website for a kettlebell exercise and process all the information that is available for that. Use the private tools accessible to you after registration and also keep track of your kettlebell goals and progress plus a whole lot more to make your training exciting and effective.

Online 1RM Calculator

When you do not know your 1RM, then you can calculate your one rep maximum with our online calculator by entering the numbers that you do know. This can also be handy when you don’t have heavy enough kettlebells available to test your 1RM. One rep max details are used to specify estimates for our kettlebell workouts.

Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator

Use our online heart rate training zone calculator to figure out what zones are best for you to be training in.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Use our online basal metabolic rate calculator to get an approximate calculation of caloric expenditure to sustain physiological functions and processes.

MET Energy Expenditure Calculator

Use our online MET energy expenditure calculator to get an estimate on how much energy/calories you burn with certain exercises.

Workout Scoring Tracker

Keep track of your scoring with our online workout scoring tracker. This is perfect for those that want to keep track of their progress, whether in weight, duration, reps, or other.

Fitness Goal Tracker

Use our fitness goal tracker to set your goals and keep track of your progress.

Online EMOM Calculator

Calculate exactly how your EMOM should look like by entering some details and clicking calculate. Leave out the guessing work and make sure that things are more suitable for your abilities.

Kettlebell Weight Calculator

Calculate what kettlebell weight you should use for a certain kettlebell exercise based on your experience and other variables.

Kettlebell Photo Galleries

View kettlebell exercises photo galleries to check form and technique so that you can improve your own.

Kettlebell Common Mistakes

Check the most common kettlebell mistakes to make sure that you can avoid making them.

Reps and Rounds Calculator

Calculate how many reps and rounds you should complete in your kettlebell workout for a certain goal.

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