Kettlebell Snatch

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The Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Exercise Information

The Kettlebell Snatch is a Loaded Exercise upon which the following exercises build:

Individual exercise information is available by clicking the links above, and more detailed information specified for the Kettlebell Snatch can be found below.

The kettlebell snatch is an exercise where the weight is moved from below the hips to overhead in an explosive and ballistic movement that's uninterrupted.

There are many different kettlebell snatch variations with variables as follows, but certainly not limited to:

  • Height
    • Dead
    • Hang
  • Movement
    • Swing
    • Pendulum
    • Squat
  • Grip
    • Loose
    • Open palm
    • Waiters grip
    • Etc.

There is also the full and half snatch. The full snatch is where the kettlebell is snatched overhead and then dropped from overhead into the next rep. The half snatch is where the kettlebell is snatched overhead but then is lowered into a racking position from where it moves into the next rep.

Any Snatch

When you see Any Snatch programmed in a workout, it means that any variation of the snatch can be used. It's up to the athlete to decide what is best to use, a swinging or a squat movement, Hardstyle for speed or Sportstyle for endurance, and so on.


The shortest path and fastest variation is the hang snatch. The longest and slowest is the pendulum snatch. The longest, but not slowest is the dead snatch.


Slow tempo:

20RPM for the Kettlebell Snatch at a fast tempo.

Fast tempo:

32RPM for the Kettlebell Snatch at a fast tempo.


Alternatives for this exercise are:

  1. Kettlebell Clean and Press
  2. Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
  3. Kettlebell Clean and Jerk

Common Mistake(s):

Kettlebell Snatch

  1. Chin to chest/neck flexion

    The chin is close to the chest during any hip hinge movement, for example, a swing, clean, or snatch performed with a hip hinge movement.

This is a root exercise upon which exercise variations build.

Also know as: Any Snatch, Any Kettlebell Snatch

This is a: Loaded Exercise

Is loaded with equipment: Kettlebell

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Form and Technique

This section explains the form and technique for the Kettlebell Snatch exercise.

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Muscles Used:

If no muscles or no prime movers are listed, drill down deeper by selecting an exercise variation..

Exercise Variations

Exercise variation(s) that are based upon this exercise:

  • Single Kettlebell Dead Snatch View

Lateral Info:

Bilateral Exercise, Bilateral Load, Unilateral Load

Kettlebell Grip(s):

Flat Hand Grip, Hook Grip, Loose Grip, Open Palm Grip, Racking Grip, Racking Safety Grip, Waiters Grip

Exercise Speed(s):

Explosive, Fast

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