Kettlebell Drop From Racking

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Although technically not an exercise, the drop from racking is super important and deserves a topic of its own. In reality, the drop is part of the clean. However, it can be performed after completing several other exercises, like a complex, combo, or long set of exercises.

The drop from racking can be performed with a backswing or straight drop down. When the backswing is required, then the elbows stay where they are and the weight falls away until the extent when the elbows disconnect. At some stage, the weight can no longer move forward as the arms are straight and the body remains in position, this is when the weight enters the backswing.

When dealing with heavy weights, it's perfectly normal to counterbalance the weight with your body weight by extending at the hips and thoracic spine. This is shown in the photo gallery below which demonstrates the drop from racking after a Bottoms-Up clean.


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Kettlebell Drop From Racking

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Exercise Photo Gallery

Kettlebell Drop From Racking

These photos demonstrate the hip and thoracic spine extension that can be used to counterbalance the drop from racking. In this case, the racking position is that of the Bottoms-Up.

Side View

This is a collection of photos for the side view of this exercise.

Angled View

This is a collection of photos for the angled view of this exercise.

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