Bad or Dangerous Kettlebell Exercises

The answer to the question “what are bad or dangerous kettlebell exercises?” is none. There are no inherently bad or dangerous kettlebell exercises. To understand that one first needs to understand the definition of inherently which is: as a natural, necessary, or inseparable element or quality.

For example, technology is not inherently evil but can be when used incorrectly. It comes down to the user. Which is the same as with kettlebell exercises. It comes down to the user:

  • how do they program the exercise?
  • do they leave their ego at the door?
  • how did they progress to the exercise?
  • have they mastered the fundamentals of the tool itself?

An exercise only injures someone when they:

  • did not adhere to the correct form and technique
  • did too many reps
  • did not progress properly to the exercise
  • used a weight too heavy
  • did not lay the required foundations
  • did not leave their ego at the door
  • did not have a valid reason to perform the exercise
  • did not understand the exercise fully
  • did not have all the required attributes to be able to perform the exercise

And so on.

It’s very easy to put the blame for the injury on an object or movement rather than the things that were lacking or done incorrectly.

A beginner should focus on the fundamentals of kettlebell training, no matter how exciting it is to start snatching right away, it is not the correct thing to do.

Someone unconditioned should start with light weight and low volume, no matter how good it feels to end up exhausted and sweating on the ground, it is not the correct thing to do.

Everyone should first lay the foundation of stability, control, flexibility, and strength before performing any exercise in an explosive manner, no matter how exciting it is to move fast, it is not the correct thing to do.

So, before you place a kettlebell exercise, or any exercise for that matter, in the category of bad or dangerous, you should analyze and check whether all the boxes were really ticked.

The Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia by Cavemantraining is exactly that vital resource anyone needs to progress, learn, and have fun. But… it requires an investment. That investment is time, and time can’t be fast-forwarded.

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