Double Kettlebell Clean

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Double Kettlebell Clean Side View Cover

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Common Mistake(s):

Double Kettlebell Clean

  1. No hand insertion or 45-degree angle

    When cleaning and ending up in racking, there is no 45-degree angle of the handle within the palm achieved. There is no hand insertion and the handle remains horizontally within the crease between the fingers and palm.

  2. Seeing the palm of the hand in racking

    The palm of the hand is facing forward in the racking position and usually, this is paired with the bell (the round bit of the kettlebell) being positioned on the outside of the arm rather than on the inside and the handle lays horizontally within the palm rather diagonally (45-degree angle).

  3. The kettlebell is banging and not using high insertion

    You are constantly generating too much or too little force with too much or not enough speed which results in banging/impact on the forearm or having to muscle up the weight.

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Exercise Photo Gallery

Double Kettlebell Clean

The 3rd photo of the angled view is a great example of how long to wait, or even create counterbalance, on the drop from racking before hinging at the hips.

Side View

This is a collection of photos for the side view of this exercise.

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Form and Technique

This section explains the form and technique for the Double Kettlebell Clean exercise.

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Bilateral Exercise, Bilateral Load

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