How To Film Yourself For Assessment

How to film yourself and submit them for assessment by an IKU™ kettlebell coach or trainer. Assessments and coaching are includes with some membership levels.

For filming, make sure to adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Place the camera at chest height
  2. Do not place it on the ground filming up on an angle
  3. Keep the whole body within the camera view and leave at least some space on all sides
  4. There should be no parts of the body or kettlebell that come outside of the frame
  5. The filming area needs to be well-lit
  6. Don’t film against the light as that will make the subject dark
  7. Do not wear baggy clothes
  8. Always film some reps front-on and side-on and preferably both left and right side
  9. Write down the weight that you used and submit it together with the video link
  10. Make sure to review your video and self-assess

For video submission, make sure to adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Upload to one of the following unless specified otherwise:
    • YouTube
    • Rumble
    • Facebook
    • Or any other video hosting platform that’s accessible by your coach
  2. Make sure the video is public (or viewable with a link only)
  3. Verify that the link is publicly accessible by logging out of your video platform account and accessing the link
  4. Copy the link to the video and paste it into the submission field
  5. Do not upload as a short or anything that can’t be easily paused and rewound
  6. Write down and include with your submission:
    • The exact name of the exercise variation so that your coach does not have to make an assumption
    • Any issues that you identified yourself during self-assessment

It’s always best to do a test run, film a few seconds of your setup, and then review how it looks. If you are a silhouette and very dark, then there is not enough light at the front and/or too much light behind you.

When you film the test run, raise your arms to make sure they will remain in view. Also, make sure that your feet are visible, and leave half an inch above your hand and below your feet.

If you have limited data to upload or a slow connection, compress your video before uploading, or film in 1280×720. If you film in 1080p, 4k, or higher then the file will be very large.

Stay Fresh

Stay fresh for your filming and do not complete other workouts or a lot of other technique work that fatigues you. Plan accordingly. This applies especially to explosive and powerful movements, you need to be fresh to be able to generate the short bursts of maximal force required.

Rest between sets if need be.

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