How Accurate are our Online Calculators?

We’ve spend a considerable amount of time in research and getting our online calculators as accurate as possible, and we’re confident in saying that our calculators are amongst the most accurate if not the most accurate ones available on a public website. Some of the variables that we take into consideration when performing calculations are, but not limited to:

  • Arm length (distance travelled)
  • Leg length (distance travelled)
  • Force is always required during the concentric phase of an exercise
  • Force is always required during the deceleration of the eccentric phase
  • The amount of force required during the eccentric phase varies depending on whether the weight is dropped or lowered
  • Force is only required for a small part of the distance travelled during ballistic exercises
  • Body weight is related to how much energy is spent for the same activity [1]
  • Energy expenditure is higher with multi joint exercise compared to single joint [2]
  • Taking into account bilateral or unilateral exercise and load
  • Taking into account explosive versus slow contractions [3]

Distance Travelled

200 strict kettlebell presses that travelled 60 centimeters instead of 45 centimeters means a difference of 3,000 centimeters less. That’s 30 meters less on a total distance of 120 meters. That is 1/4th less and becomes a considerable variable to take into consideration.


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