What are Practice Activities?

Practice activities are a way to get familiar with the exercise or movement. The activity will specify what to look out for, what to do, but it will usually not specify for how long. One should practice the given activity for as long as needed until everything is as expected.

A practice activity is performing an exercise or movement repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill.

Perfect the Skill

Practice activities are not to be confused with a workout. Everything in the practice activities is about perfecting the skill. It’s generally not about lifting more weight or doing more reps (unless the practice activity calls for it). It’s about showing control, mimicking the movement exactly as demonstrated or within the bounds of safety and efficiency.


After you practiced and filmed your activity, you should review your practice and assess it unless you purchased a course that provides the assessment for you. You assess your practice by slowing it down or pause framing and analyzing the important key movements/positions. Compare to the demonstration given. Make notes on the areas that need improvement and practice again, repeat the process. All this does not need to take place within one day, in fact, it’s best not to overdo it with the practice in one session. Splitting practice into chunks with 30 or 60 minutes of rest in between on a day is good, and splitting it into several small sessions over days is also good.

Invest time to get the most out of your kettlebell journey.

Key points

A great way to practice is to write down the key points from the video or course material and work on those. We generally do not provide all or the key points, as watching the video and taking note of them is a much better way to get the content to stick. Thus, make sure you have a pen and paper ready when watching the course material.

Free Help

We run many online kettlebell communities in which you can always post your practice activity and ask the community for feedback. You have to be specific when you post, and it’s best to refer back to the exact course and exercise as people in the communities all have different views.

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