How do my Focus Exercises Work?

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Let’s say that you’re browsing the kettlebell exercises encyclopedia and you come across an exercise that interests you and you know that you want to focus on it at some stage. But, you’re just not sure when you want to focus on it, so you add it to your focus exercises and leave it unassigned. It’s there but you can assign it a priority whenever you are ready.

Once you are ready to assign priority to the exercise, you edit the focus exercise and assign it the priority that your interest or program allows. It could go in primary, secondary, or tertiary. Primary focus exercises could be the ones that you want to focus a lot on and are currently learning. As you become better at it, you can move it to secondary, and once you’ve mastered it, you can put it in tertiary.

From tertiary you can archive it, this moves that it moves from your whiteboard but all the information that you attached to the focus exercise will remain accessible from your archive.

This is just a suggestion in regard to the process, the focus exercise tool is flexible and allows you to use the categorizing as you see fit.

In summary, if you see an exercise in the encyclopedia that you’re interested in, you can add it to your focus exercises and from there you assign the priority of focus. If you just want to bookmark the exercise to look back on it later, i.e. you won’t be giving it focus any time soon, then use the My Bookmarks functionality instead.

Edit a Focus Exercise

To edit a focus exercise, click on the name, this will take you to the detailed view, and from there you can click on the edit link and make changes. Don’t forget to save your changes once done.

Delete a Focus Exercise

You can only delete a focus exercise from your archive. Edit a focus exercise and then move it to the archive. Go to your archive on the same page as the whiteboard and click the delete link. Deleting a focus exercise will remove it completely.

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