How do my Abilities Work?

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You can add abilities to your profile which basically means that you’re assigning an exercise from the encyclopedia to your abilities. You can also define the level of ability from beginner to expert. This is great to keep track of your overall progression with kettlebell training and will keep you motivated.

You can also choose to make the ability public which means that if you’ve listed your profile in our member directory, your abilities will show there.

Adding Notes/Comments

You can add notes/comments to an ability on the detailed view page. From the main page, you click on the ability you want to add a note to and then find the link that says “Add note/comment”.

How to Add an Ability?

To add an ability you need to find the exercise in our encyclopedia and then add it to your abilities from the navigation options on the exercise page.

How to Edit My Ability?

To edit an ability, click on the name, this will take you to the detailed view, and from there you can click on the edit link and make changes. Don’t forget to save your changes once done.

You can edit the title and give it a meaningful title for yourself, this will not change the exercise which is linked to your ability.

Delete an Ability?

You can only delete an ability by clicking edit and then the delete button.

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