Explosiveness is the ability to produce maximum force in a minimum amount of time.

Kettlebell Hang Switch

The kettlebell hang switch is a transition from one side to the other and a squat movement with a hang is used to perform that transition. The kettlebell is dropped from racking into a hang, pulled up, and then passed to the other hand where it is most commonly cleaned up with a hang clean.

Kettlebell Full Snatch

The kettlebell full snatch is a variation of the snatch where the kettlebell is snatched overhead and then dropped from overhead back to where the kettlebell started. A dead snatch can be a full or half snatch, and a pendulum snatch or Hardstyle snatch can be a full or half snatch, in other words, the …

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Kettlebell Shortlever Swings Cover

Kettlebell Short Lever Swing

The kettlebell short lever swing is a variation of the swing that provides additional benefits to the upper back and around the scapula. The elbow can remain in contact with the body from the back into the upswing or the elbows can disconnect slightly and then be pulled in. Keeping the elbows back or pulling …

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