Kettlebell Rear Shoulder Press

This variation of the shoulder press places a lot of focus on the scapula and rear deltoid. The objective is to create as much scapula adduction and external shoulder rotation before pressing.

The Kettlebell Squat

Kettlebell Squat

There are many kettlebell squat variations, some vary in stance, and others vary in grip or location of the arm. There are racked squats, overhead squats, a mix between the two, single or double kettlebell, frontal holds, and unilateral squats like the pistol squat. Speed/Tempo/RPM The fastest squat variation is the squat thruster, however, it …

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The Kettlebell Clean

Kettlebell Clean

A kettlebell clean is an exercise that brings the kettlebell from a position below the hips into a racking position via an explosive fast and clean movement. The most common starting positions are dead from the ground and the racking position. Several different movements can be used to move the weight but the most common …

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