Stability Shoulder

Kettlebell Spinal Press Extension

The spinal press lateral is a variation of the spinal press, and the thoracic spine moves into extension and flexion to power the movement. With the variations where there is rotation or lateral flexion, it’s not possible to work with a bilateral load, with this variation one can work with a bilateral load.

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is an exercise where a weight is pressed away from the body. The starting position is at the chest in racking, and the ending position is overhead with the arm straight. The exercise has two phases that can be used, concentric (up), and eccentric (down). To use only the eccentric phase, one …

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Kettlebell Spinal Press

Spinal Press

The name might sound weird and raise some eyebrows, but once you understand what’s going on, it’s really not that odd and starts making a lot of sense. Our objective at Cavemantraining has always been to break things down, analyze, question, test, and rebuild. This strategy was designed to explore, learn, and do things differently …

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Kettlebell Press


The press is an exercise where a weight is pressed away from the body. It is not the same as a push-up, as in a push-up the body is pushed away from the ground or another object. A press can be performed while standing or laying down. While laying down, the angle of the body …

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Single Kettlebell Shoulder Press Front

Single Kettlebell Shoulder Press Front

The front press is a variation where the kettlebell travels up at the front in one line from racking position to overhead. The front press targets more of the anterior fibers of the deltoids.

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