What is the Set-Up of an Exercise?

The set-up of an exercise is the form one achieves when starting an exercise. After setting up for an exercise the concentric or eccentric phase of the exercise is executed to achieve the goal of the exercise.

When performing a kettlebell shoulder press, the set-up is:

  • Neutral stance
  • Racking position
  • Create tension throughout the body

The concentric phase is:

  • Shoulder flexion
  • Triceps extension

The goal is:

  • Overhead position
  • Stabilize/fixate

The eccentric phase is:

  • Shoulder extension

This is just an example, in reality, a lot more is happening. The concentric phase includes stabilization with the elbow flexors and extensors for half of the ROM and then elbow extensors for prime movers and elbow flexors for stabilization. During the goal of the exercise, the elbow extensors isometrically contract, etcetera.

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