What is Strength?

In the context of our website and kettlebells, physical strength is the ability to exert force against objects, and in our case, that object is the kettlebell. There are several types of strength, note that we consider Starting Strength to be the same as Explosive Strength whereas others might consider Explosive Strength to be the same as Power.

Power = speed and strength. Explosive = generating speed as early as possible.

If a kettlebell dead clean is performed twice, both times it took 0.55 seconds and the distance it traveled was the same. The first attempt had the kettlebell around knee level at 0.30s, and the second attempt had the kettlebell below knee level at exactly 030s. The first attempt was faster at the start and therefore more explosive.

However, this is not something that we can measure without advanced technology and therefore we might in some cases categorize both in the same group under Power.

The seven types of strength are:

  1. Agile Strength
  2. Strength Endurance
  3. Power
  4. Maximum Strength
  5. Relative Strength
  6. Speed Strength
  7. Starting Strength / Explosive Strength

It’s also worth checking out hysterical strength.

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