What is Good or Proper Form?

Exercises or drills in sports have a recognized way of performing the movements that have two purposes:

Avoiding Injury

By using proper or good form, the risk of injury is lowered. A lack of proper form commonly results in injury or a lack of effect from the exercise being performed.

Form and technique first. Weight and reps second. There is no doubt that you can lift more weight with a compromised form, but it is not the best for maximizing longevity.

Part of the good exercise form:

  • No bouncing
  • Putting the weight down with the same care as it was picked up
  • Lowering the weight under control
  • Proper alignment

Maximize Benefit

Using good form ensures that the movement focuses on the targetted muscles, and avoids recruiting muscles other than those targetted. As muscle fatigue, the body can attempt to compensate by recruiting other muscle groups and transferring force generation to non-fatigued units.

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