What is Explosive Training?

Explosiveness defines how quickly force is developed by the working muscles when performing a loaded exercise. To increase ones explosive qualities, one has to aim to produce maximum force in minimum time.

To work on explosive strength, suitable exercises have to be programmed, such as the kettlebell Jerk, Snatch, Swing, Thruster, etc. Exercises that would not be suitable and the opposite of explosive are grinding exercises like the Windmill or Turkish Get-Up.

The moment one should focus on while performing any of the exercises is the first part of the concentric phase. In the dead snatch, that is that moment it’s pulled from the floor and the next fractions of a split-second. With the swing that is the moment the kettlebell is pulled back out. With the jerk, it is the moment the legs are starting to push the weight up.

With that said, the concentric phase of the kettlebell dead snatch performed in 0.6 seconds is still more explosive than in 0.7 seconds.

The equation is Se = Fmax / tmax

F = force
t = time

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