What is Exercise Rx/Prescribed Weight?

Rx means prescribed and in the context of exercising, it refers to the prescribed reps, rounds, or weight for a task. On our website, we’ll use it to give you an idea of weight to use for workout tasks.

However, no matter what is prescribed, one should always go by their abilities and scale the workout to suit and cause no injury. Meaning, if you’re a beginner or simply not familiar with the exercise or volume, then you should scale back and use a lighter weight for your first attempt at the workout/task at hand. As you repeat the workout, over a period of time you will be able to perform the workout as prescribed.

The prescribed weights, reps, rounds, etc., are for a fit male and female. More advanced athletes can also go over the Rx, in fact, with most workouts the idea is to repeat the workout and increase your scoring, which usually involves more weight, faster work, etc.

The best way to approach any workout is by starting at the low end and scaling the workout to get familiar with it and then repeating the workout with knowing exactly the stimulus that your body will receive.

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