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Kettlebell Swing Workouts

Working out with Kettlebell Swings Now that you’ve got a good understanding of the kettlebell swings it is time to work out with the kettlebell swing and incorporate it into your workouts or build a plan around the swing itself. The following are some workouts you can work with. CTSWING1 Kettlebell Swing 12 Minute EMOM …

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What Will You Learn?

You will learn more about the kettlebell swing in this course than you will anywhere else. After completing this course you will be able to:

Kettlebell Swing Common Mistakes

Welcome to kettlebell swing common mistakes. Below you’ll find the topics and practice activities for this lesson. Once you complete this lesson and practice activities you will be able to execute the kettlebell swing without making any of the common mistakes that are covered in this course.


The course consists of the main course page, lessons, and topics. The course content is listed toward the end of the page. You navigate by clicking on the first lesson. If a lesson or topic has a video, it will be listed at the top of the page and all you need to do is …

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