Master The Kettlebell Swing Introduction/Welcome

Master The Kettlebell Swing Introduction/Welcome

The course consists of the main course page, lessons, and topics. The course content is listed toward the end of the page. You navigate by clicking on the first lesson. If a lesson or topic has a video, it will be listed at the top of the page and all you need to do is click play. After watching the video, you navigate to the next content in the course. If a course is non-sequential, you can jump through the content while skipping parts, however, this is never recommended.

The top of the page has a breadcrumb navigation which you can also use to get back to the main page of the course.

Mark as Complete

Mark your content as complete once you've watched the videos, read the content, and/or completed the practice activities. A green tick will appear behind the content links which makes it easy to keep track of what you've completed.

Only mark a lesson complete once you completed all topic within it and only mark a course as complete once you have viewed all content.

Course Content

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