This is the introduction to the course and covers what you can expect, what kettlebell sport is about, and more.

Kettlebell Sport Introduction

Kettlebell Sport Introduction


    A quick rundown of some terms/names that you will hear during the course and that will be covered in detail later in the course.

    Dead = not moving, no momentum, and usually starting from the ground
    Pendulum = a weight that swings freely back and forth under the influence of gravity
    Swing = a kettlebell that is held on to and swings back and forth
    Clean = bringing a weight from a position below the hips to the chest
    Pendulum swing = a kettlebell that swings while moving so that gravity does most of the work
    Pendulum clean = a kettlebell clean adhering to the pendulum concept
    Racking = holding the weight in front of the chest for resting or transitioning
    Strict = no movement other than in the intended joints
    Press = pressing a weight away from the body
    Push press = pushing the weight up with the legs and finish by pressing out
    Snatch = a ballistic exercise in which the weight is brought from below the hips to overhead in one continuous movement
    Ballistic flight = the weight is powered enough for it to be released and it would still keep moving
    Drill = something to be repeated often until understood and perfected
    Assisted = using the other hand to help move the weight
    Cycle = an exercise that's repeated
    Long (Cycle) = making the cycle of exercises longer by adding a clean

    Several examples of a long cycle are the clean and press, clean and push press, and clean and jerk.

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