How to use this Online Course?


Kettlebell Sport How to use this online course

Kettlebell Sport How to use this online course

A recommended process to go through the course, watch everything at least once, this will take longer, but everything will stick much better, and then start from the beginning and complete the drills and practice activities.

It's highly recommended to have a pen and paper handy while you watch the videos and take notes of important points, things that you should drill, and any questions that you may have, etc.

Any parts recommended to drill are marked with an icon during the video. It's highly recommended to repeat the movements in the same manner as demonstrated.

Your weight selection should be such that you can maintain good technique and not fatigue early. Start light and increase as you get the hang of it. For anything ballistic (explosive and powerful) like the clean, snatch, and jerk, you want to have enough resistance to be able to work with and against the resistance. If you pick a weight that's too light for a clean, jerk, or snatch, it will flop all over the place. Without a coach physically being there, you are the best person to judge what the right weight is. Not too light, not too heavy, just right.

Are You a Just-Jump-In Type of Person?

If you want to just get started, you can do so, although it's highly recommended that you follow the progression as set out. There is a clear reason for doing so based on decades of seeing people jumping in, getting started, and getting injured. In the end, the choice is up to you, and for those that just want to skip the drilling, you can start at the Pendulum Swing lesson which is located right after the fundamentals. You would be skipping warming up and the super important assisted dead clean drill.


It is estimated that as a beginner you spend the following duration at each step of the progression before you truly understand that topic:

  • Fundamentals
  • Pendulum Swing 1 month
  • Pendulum Clean 1 month (2 months have passed)
  • Clean and Push Press 2 weeks (2 months and 2 weeks)
  • Jerk 1 month (3 months and 2 weeks)
  • Half Snatch 1 month (4 months and 2 weeks)
  • Full Snatch 2 weeks (5 months)
  • Double Kettlebell Work 3 months (8 months)

The above is an estimation of the time that beginners have invested before they showed a good understanding and skills for each step of the progression. You might not do the full progression and focus more on single kettlebell clean and jerk, this would take you 4 and a half months, and from there you could continue perfecting that skill rather than adding to it.

Kettlebell Sport consists of different disciplines, and you don't need to know all of them to be able to enter the sport or benefit from it. This course provides the information for all exercises but the choice remains with you in the end.

Remember, even pro athletes are still learning, you don't stop learning with kettlebell sport, and you don't stop perfecting the technique. This is not a one-day or week thing.

Want More Background?

If you're interested in first having more background on some of the qualities that you need to develop and things to expect in kettlebell sport then you can jump into Kettlebell Sport Competition and then come back here to continue the lessons in sequence. If you prefer to keep things simple and build up gradually, then just keep following the sequence as is set out.

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