Reverse Dorsum Lunge

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This is a bodyweight exercise that I've been playing with to work on flexibility in my forefoot, the metatarsals and phalanges. Rather than stepping back and landing on the bottom of the foot, one would gently position the dorsum of their foot on the ground and gently lunge down.

There is a little alternating routine I do to move from one foot onto the other by curling the toes over. One moves from the dorsum to curling onto the toes and over into flat foot and then pivot to do the other side.

A good base of strength and flexibility is required for this, when not present, it will be painful and can result in injury. Like anything, everything is good under the right conditions with the right progressions.

The idea transferred from the full depth Curtsy lunge variation that I regularly incorporate in my training in which I also lunge onto the dorsum of my foot.


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Reverse Dorsum Lunge

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Parent exercise: Lunge

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Form and Technique

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Muscles Used:

Lateral Info:

Unilateral Exercise

Exercise Benefit(s):

Flexibility Ankle, Flexibility Foot, Stability Ankle, Stability Foot, Strength Ankle, Strength Foot

Body Position(s):

Lunging, Standing

Exercise Speed(s):

Normal, Slow

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