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Exercise Information

If a push-up is programmed and the exact variation is not specified, then that means any push-up variations can be performed, i.e. triceps push-up, hybrid push-up, chest push-up, etc.

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This is a root exercise upon which exercise variations build.

Also know as: Any Push-Up

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Form and Technique

This section explains the form and technique for the Push-Up exercise.

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Muscles Used:

If no muscles or no prime movers are listed, drill down deeper by selecting an exercise variation..

Exercise Variations

Exercise variation(s) that are based upon this exercise:

  • Bodyweight Chest Push-Up View
  • Bodyweight Negative Triceps Push-Up View
  • Bodyweight Triceps Push-Up View
    • Bodyweight Triceps Push-Up On Knees
      Bodyweight Exercise Variation

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